Areas of Expertise

My experience with government agencies, NGOs and companies with a social mission has given me a broad range of expertise: public policy, the SDGs, development, nutrition, the environment, health care and health insurance, and social services.



Public Policy

From reviewing international, federal and state regulations, conducting literature reviews, crunching data and talking with politicians and other stakeholders, I have helped policy leaders improve their decision-making by providing synthesized, accurate information.

I also have experience with social service programs, including welfare, health insurance, and long-term services and supports for the elderly both at home and in institutions.

Sample projects

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are targets for how we, on a planetary basis, need to restructure our economies, production, transportation, use of natural resources, and the development of men, women and children around the world.

I have worked on issues ranging from the fossil fuels to the circular economy to helping programs in developing countries better collect and use programmatic data.

Sample projects

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Development in low-income countries

Development work in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) is critical to ensuring equity on a global scale.

I have supported programs that provide vocational education, recycling and garbage collection, and development of small businesses.

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Sie nutzte jede Chance, ihr Fachwissen weiterzuentwickeln und auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten.

She uses every chance to further develop her expertise and stay up to date.

Raul Schweizer

Circular Economy (CE) entrepreneur


Nutrition is threatened by climate change; not only are droughts and severe storms making farming more difficult, but crops have lower nutritional value due to higher CO2 in the atmosphere.

One area of expertise is large-scale food fortification (LSFF) – adding vitamins and minerals to flour, salt, oil and other food items.


I have worked on topics as diverse as international funding for environmental efforts, the Paris Agreement, the impact of climate change on crop yields and circular economy (CE) initiatives such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation that seek to reduce our use of raw materials.

Sample projects

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Health Care and Health Insurance

My work on health care policy issues includes financing for health insurance programs; Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs); quality measurement for providers and plans; skilled nursing facilities (SNFs); interRAI MDS assessment data; and analysis of medical claims data (e.g., DRGs and ICD-10 codes) using SAS.

Sample projects

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Social Services

Having worked for both non-profit organizations (NGOs) and state government, I understand the needs of clients receiving social supports. Someone can’t maintain a job without affordable childcare or a car (particularly if they live in a rural area). Substance abuse or mental health issues can hinder someone’s ability to manage a chronic diseases or find a job.

I was involved in developing a Massachusetts behavioral health program that connects community-based supports to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have mental health issues or substance abuse addictions.


…she mastered the intricacies of [the state client database] and was one of the few experts able to do such analyses.

Bruce Goodro

former Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance Program Director

Your organization’s mission

From cattle in Ethiopia to nursing homes in the US, I master new material for each project. I’m a quick learner and able to make connections between concepts.

Let me use my skills and experience to become an expert in your work, the people you serve and the critical issues you’re trying to solve.


code from computer program

Technical Skills

Database / Data tools: MS Access, SAS, MS Excel, OpenLCA

Systems modeling: Stella Architect; Anylogic

Digital M&E Tools: Kobo Toolbox, ThoughtSpot (business intelligence)

Communications: Mailchimp, MS Powerpoint

Design: Adobe Photoshop, Visio

Website: WordPress, SquareSpace, HTML

Collaboration: MS Teams, Mural, Padlet, Miro, Trello