Below are samples of my work – articles, blogs, databases, public presentations and more.

Additional work is available on my blog.



Blog about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); video and slides from webinar on FGM

Articles, reports, blogs

Environmental Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) summary    English     Deutsch

Article on Methane

Artikel über Kantone und Klimawandel

Public Policy
Series on Public Health Funding

Video on public health funding

Health Law & Policy Center blog on payments for skilled nursing facilities

Health Law & Policy Center blog on Medicaid (public health insurance) rules regarding use of emergency rooms

Food Choices and the Environment

LimeTree Camp – social media postings about nutrition, environment and climate change

Public presentations

NEW!  European Public Health Week2022: Stopping Female Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia (and Europe)  slides   video

European Public Health Week 2021:  One Health, Ethiopian Pastoralists and Climate Change    slides       video part1      video part 2

European Public Health Week 2020: Helping police assess mental illness – video and slides

European Public Health Week 2020: Public Health Priorities and Funding: Policy Decisions – video and slides

interRAI 2016 World Conference – presentation on interRAI outcome measures

Data Analysis and Databases

Analysis in SAS of medical and pharmaceutical claims of New Hampshire Health Cost website for consumers

Screenshots of Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance vocational training database homepages

Screenshots of grants management database for community health center

Summary of Life Cycle Assessment with OpenLCA (Deutsch)