Do you need numbers crunched? Background research performed? Information synthesized and summarized? What sort of deliverable are you looking for?

Do staff need training on using digital tools or help developing logframes?

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Research and Writing

Reports, articles, white papers, blogs, social media postings – I can convey complex material so that laypeople will understand. Careful, methodical research underpins any text I write. I review national and international policies, academic studies and publicly available data; I also enjoy interviewing policy experts and program staff to learn the nuances.  I then synthesize all the information I have gathered in order to facilitate stakeholders’ decision-making.

“Ms. Laes-Kushner is a gifted writer and editor…grant writing, technical appendices, presentations and policy briefs.”

Marybeth McCaffrey

Principal, University of Massachusetts Medical School's Center for Health Law and Policy

Project Management (M&E)

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is key to improving programs. I can work with you to develop a theory of change, conduct stakeholder analyses, build logframes, develop performance indicators, collect the data and then analyze the data into actionable program management points.

I use online tools such as Kobo Toolbox for data collection and ThoughtSpot for business intelligence data analysis.

Data and Analysis

I can analyze large datasets in SAS, MS Access or Excel, develop performance indicators, build databases and use data collection systems, such as digital data collection and business intelligence tools.

I use and analyze data to find solutions.


As a former teacher, I am skilled at presenting new material to audiences. I can help your staff improve their program management skills, such as developing M&E systems and analyzing data for patterns. I can provide training in digital tools such as Kobo Toolbox survey system and ThoughtSpot business intelligence platform.

Kobo Toolbox Training - Helvetas

What I like and appreciate from your support is your quick understanding of the level of people you are supporting in Kobo practice and giving concrete and easily understandable steps (supported by pictures) to show the steps.

Solomon Wondimu

M&E Officer, Ethiopia